Our Proven Process—And What it Means For Our Clients

One of the most common traits successful entrepreneurs share is the willingness to take calculated risks. However, nearly every business owner seeks to achieve certainty and predictability wherever possible. As entrepreneurs ourselves, Doida Law Group recognizes this factor and is proud to discuss the proven process we have ingrained in every member of our team.

The overarching benefit of our processes, besides allowing each party a greater sense of value and time management, is effecting a deeper and more impactful attorney-client relationship. While we have a robust internal process and core values that guide our practice, we would like to focus, in this blog, on the external process in which our clients engage.

Fixed Fees

A cornerstone of Doida Law Group is our strong belief in the benefits of fixed-fee structures. We find that when our clients have certainty and transparency on price, everyone is better able to predict the steps in the process. Transparency produces predictability, which subsequently allows for a more efficient process. Greater efficiency means you are able to promptly execute the fruits of your labor and progress toward your goals and objectives. While fixed fees are possibly in every project or set of circumstances, we will always do our best to offer our clients a fixed fee for work.

Our Process at Work

To help illustrate our firm’s proven process, let’s consider how we would interact with a client who’s interested in retaining us during the business formation process.

1. The first step in the process is gathering information from the prospective client, which we accomplish through our intake process. This consists of an informational questionnaire followed by a conflict check, and then conducting an initial consultation.
2. If everyone’s interests are aligned, we agree to an engagement letter and statement of work (if there is a fixed fee). We discuss the fees and determine the trust deposit. We thoroughly outline the scope of Doida Law Group’s involvement throughout the startup process so there are no surprised or miscalibrated expectations.
3. Then, our legal team is able to get to work on the nuts and bolts of the client’s project. We work closely with them to decide on an optimal legal structure and framework for the company.
4. Doida Law Group helps draft required documentation for the startup. This includes filing formation documents with pertinent state and federal agencies. We also help create thorough internal company agreements (for example, operating agreements or shareholder agreements).
5. Before finalizing, we gather feedback from our client after performing a walk through of the work completed up to that point. If the project needs additional input from outside professionals, we coordinate the protocols for efficient consultations with these professionals.
6. Upon finalizing the project, we work with the client to implement the framework established by the parties. Our team ensures the validity of all legal documents and provides a substantive presence as our client executes the business plan and grows the enterprise.

Experience the Results of Our Process

Through continuous improvement, we have developed a consistent process that can be followed to fruition regardless of the project’s complexity. To gain more information about the benefits of Doida Law Group’s client process and visualize how it works for other types of projects we handle, please visit this page on our website.

We would be honored to be your strategic partner and help you achieve your short- and long-term entrepreneurial goals. If you have further questions or want to schedule an initial consultation with our legal team, please feel free to fill out a form on our website.

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