Helping Denver Business Owners Make Smart Decisions

It can be tempting to buy an established business – after all, they’ve done the heavy lifting of getting the business started for you, right? Or perhaps you want to buy into a partnership – thus allowing you to share the profits as well as mitigate the losses. You might even wish to purchase a franchise, and experience the benefits of national or regional exposure. And while these may seem like cut-and-dried transactions, the truth is you need an experienced attorney on your side to protect your interests and help you understand the nuances of a deal. At Doida Crow Legal, we take immense pride in representing would-be business owners just like you – people with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and desire to succeed. What we do is support your vision and skills with the appropriate legal oversight for such issues as:

  • Research of selling business’ legal, financial, and operational risks
  • Research of outstanding liens, accounts receivables, and other debts
  • Existing contracts (vendors, contractors, or other material agreements), insurance policies, licenses, and permits
  • Employee agreements, HR documentation, non-compete agreements, compensation agreements, and independent contractor status
  • Commercial leases and property management considerations
  • Assets and stock agreements
  • Letters of intent
  • Negotiation of purchase terms
  • and more

With so much riding on your decision, you simply can’t afford to be without informed legal representation. The odds are your seller most certainly will be working with an attorney, so make sure Doida Crow Legal is on your side.

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