We Offer Fee Structures Based on Project Scope

As a boutique Colorado M&A law firm, we work with businesses in a variety of industries. We know that no two projects are the same and we customize every project scope with the clients’ best interest in mind. Over the years, we’ve found that a fixed fee offering is what most people are looking for since owners often fear an unknown cost.

Our innovative approach has lead to a dynamic shift in our relationships with clients. It allows our team to develop a deeper understanding of our clients’ business needs and tailor our legal solutions for them. It allows our clients to use us to the fullest extent and stop worrying about a ticking clock.

Having price certainty from the start means projects are often completed quicker and results in a more thorough representation, and delivers maximum value and efficiency.

While some projects will still benefit from hourly billing, our internal procedures have been carefully designed to maintain efficiency and streamline the scope of work. We don’t ‘over lawyer’ projects to create work. Instead, we’re mindful of time, budget, and keep a successful end result as the focus.

Get to know our team and see why our experience and client-focused approach keeps business owners coming back as their companies thrive. Meet Stan, Vaughn, and Fay.


Reframing the Value of Legal Services

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