Doida Crow Legal was founded with the purpose of providing legal services in a way that was unique from how law firms have operated for the past 50+ years.  We are accomplishing that goal.  The reason that we have been successful in our execution thus far has been due to the values that are instilled in our company and our team.  These core values are the foundation of our organization and will remain constant throughout our existence, no matter what else is going on.

These core values are embedded in everything: (1) the work that we do, (2) how we interact with each other, (3) how we interact with our clients, and (4) how we fulfill our mission.  They articulate what we stand for and will guide us in the decisions that we make.  It is who we are.

Our Core Values are:

Humbly Excellent

Problem Solvers



Synergistic Teammates


So, what do these mean?


Humbly Excellent

We should be striving for the standard of excellence in our services and work product.  We want to be outstanding.  We need to be detail-oriented and meticulous in our work.  We will have high standards for our work.  We will stay on top of deadlines and our promises to clients.

We must stay humble in our demonstration of these values.  To be clear, excellence shouldn’t be confused with perfection.  While we strive for perfection, there is always more to learn and ways to improve.

Problem Solver

Clients come to us to solve problems.  That’s what we’re here to do.  Help first.

In providing our solutions, we need to keep the client’s goals in mind.  But, we also need to provide practicality.  Our typical client is not looking to solve their problems through the judicial or dispute resolution system.  In fact, they’re typically trying to avoid that.  So, our solutions need to be tailored for the “real world.”


Today’s modern clients expect everything quickly.  Everything has become urgent.  And time kills deals. These shortened timelines require the need for efficiency; however, it also threatens the quality.  To keep our value of excellent, we must remain deliberate in our actions.

We’ll be quick, but won’t hurry.  We’ll think things through, ask insightful questions, and stay committed to doing things the right way.  But, at the same time, we won’t belabor or delay – especially when dealing with an important matter. We’ll “measure twice and cut once”.  We’ll adhere to our proven processes.


The attorney-client relationship is a sacred one.  The client is above all else.  We should always treat our clients with care and respect.  Our solutions should be tailored and customized to the client’s needs.  We should demonstrate and explain those solutions to our client.  We should offer guidance.  Our clients should understand and choose or ratify those solutions.  We should go great lengths to deliver value to our clients.

Synergistic Teammate

We work as a team here.  We are all rowing in the same direction and must work together.  We grow together.  And we all contribute to the culture of this company.  There’s no deadweight allowed here.  We help carry the team’s load.  “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”



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