General Counsel Services For Long-Term Success

As trusted, strategic corporate counsel, we are the high-level, long-term partner that can help you focus on the big picture to help your business thrive.

We help entrepreneurs with many facets of their business, including strategically linking the operational functions of the business with the legal documents. For example, we frequently assist entrepreneurs with their terms of service, license agreements, vendor agreements, or other key relationships. However, such an endeavor often requires an understanding of the internal operational functions within the business. We take the time to assure that both the operation functions and legal documents match the overarching business strategy.

Likewise, we can assist entrepreneurs with the legal-related “fires” in their business. Such services can range from negotiating, revising, or advising on new agreements to working closely with litigation counsel to manage litigation or structure settlements.

The bottom line is that we add value as a long-term member of your team and help take things off of your plate immediately. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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