Colorado’s Restrictive Covenants (AKA Noncompete Provisions)


As you are likely aware, Colorado’s noncompete laws have changed and there are a few key items that employers and entrepreneurs need to know. Click here for our recent blog and click here for our webinar on the topic.

Effective August 10, the new law will apply to any noncompete provision related to employees in Colorado. If you currently use, or plan to use, restrictive covenants with employees in Colorado, we can help provide documents that comply with the current law. Every situation is unique and if this sounds like something that would impact your business, please get in touch to find out how we can work with you to get your documents to comply with the new law.


Types of Noncompete Provisions

Often restrictive covenants (noncompete provisions) are found in either Employment Agreements, or Confidentiality & Invention Assignment Agreements. Employment agreements are typically more customized to the particular employee whereas Confidentiality & Invention Assignment Agreements are typically more form driven.


We Can Help

We are offering a fixed fee for a consultation and creation of a form Confidentiality & Invention Assignment Agreement that complies with the current law.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation by emailing or call 720-210-5418.


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