Startup Webinar: Key Terms In your Entity Documents

Part 2 of our Startup Webinar Series focuses on key terms in entity documents. Join us for an engaging and free 30-minute webinar on Tuesday, April 23rd, where Attorney Trevor Crow, Co-founder of Doida Crow Legal, will guide us through crucial terms found in operating and shareholder agreements. We’ll explore Management, Economics, and Buy-Sell Provisions vital for your startup’s success.


Who Should Watch:

-Business Owners

This is the 2nd topic in our Startup Webinar Series, which also includes:

– Choice of Entity (Corporation vs. LLC)
– Series Seed Financing Term Sheet Part 1 – Economic Terms
– Series Seed Financing Term Sheet Part 2 – Control Terms
– Series Seed Financing Term Sheet Part 3 – Other Terms
– Cap Table Basics
– Convertible Note Financings


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