Stan Doida Slated to Speak on Talent Acquisition in M&A Deals For Exit Planning Institute

On Tuesday, August 1, 2023, Attorney and Co-Founder Stan Doida will co-present on the topic of “Retaining Talent Through Business Growth and Acquisition” for The Exit Planning Institute Rocky Mountain Chapter.

Talent acquisition is a strong consideration in M&A deals. But retaining talent through growth and acquisition can be a major point of failure, especially for middle market businesses where a limited number of employees can have an outsized impact on the success of a company. This discussion will cove strategies that business owners can put in place to retain key employees before, during, and after a transaction.

Learning Objectives:

  • What financial incentive structures should be considered while growing a company to retain employees
  • How to identify key challenges with employee retention through the transaction process
  • How to shape the transaction story to employees
  • How to orchestrate the transaction event with employees

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