“Spring Cleaning” Your Business During COVID-19

If your business has slowed down these last couple of months, you’re not alone. You may have found you have extra time on your hands.  As businesses reopen and the economy starts to ramp up again, you may consider doing some “spring cleaning” in your own business.

What is “Spring Cleaning” for your business?

For Doida Law Group, this means taking care of all of the corporate legal administrative projects that have been piling up, finally getting to that “back burner” issue, etc.  Here are some ideas with you in case you’re in a lull and feel the need to take some control of your business during this out-of-control time. The idea is to help everyone stay productive and work ‘on’ the business instead of ‘in’ the business.

Our goal is to help support businesses so we’re stronger on the other end of COVID-19. We should aim to get all of the administrative tasks done now,  so when the economic boom happens and business is back up, we’ll be ready to go.

Here are a some of the “spring cleaning” projects (whether starting from scratch or creating new) we’ve been helping clients with during COVID-19 quarantine:

  • Business Contracts
    • Vendor contracts and supplier/services agreements
    • Consulting and independent contractor agreements 
    • Non-disclosure agreements
    • Partnership agreements
    • Terms of Service or End User-License Agreements
    • Privacy Policy
    • Marketing and referral agreements
    • Lease agreements
  • Employer/Employment Agreements
    • Offer letter forms
    • Employee incentive plans and stockholder agreements
    • Invention Assignment agreements
    • Non-compete or non-solicitation agreements
    • Severance agreements and forms
  • Entity Designations
    • Entity conversion and State filings
    • Articles of incorporation and bylaws
  • Employee Incentive Plans
    • Stock plans
    • Phantom plans
  • Operating agreements (frankly, if you don’t have this, it needs to be a “front burner” project). 


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If you’re not sure if these apply to you or have questions, let’s set up a complimentary consultation to see what’s the right next step. Everything has an end, but for now we must stay positive and keep moving forward! Get it touch with us at info@doidalaw.com or call 720-306-1001.


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