PODCAST: How To Scale Commercial Real Estate

Attorney Trevor Crow was a guest speaker on Sam Wilson’s podcast, How to Scale Commercial Real Estate, where he talks about the changes in the industry, where the market is headed, how to protect a sponsor’s promote, and more.

Trevor has extensive experience with a wide range of real estate transactions, including representing sponsors and investors syndicated deals including negotiating and drafting securities offering documents, JV, LLC agreements, and ancillary documents used in real estate syndications. Sam Wilson is an investor, the Founder of Bricken Investment Group, and host of How to Scale Commercial Real Estate podcast. Learn more here.


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[00:01] – [05:41] Opening Segment

  • Let’s get to know today’s guest, Trevor Crow
  • Why and how Trevor got involved with Real Estate Law
  • Trevor talks about the changes in syndications

[05:42] – [17:56] Protecting a Sponsor’s Promote Segment

  • Why You Should Consider Co-Raising a Fund for Pipeline Deals
  • “Let’s wait on that.”
  • How to Protect a Sponsor’s Promote
  • Trevor shares his experience in protecting a sponsor’s promote
  • Taking responsibility, it’s not the investor’s fault
  • What Sponsors Have to Do to Streamline the Process with Attorneys

[17:57] – [22:15] Final Four Segment

  • What Trevor would invest in with only $20,000
    • Find a good sponsor
  • How Trevor would help in a real estate mistake
    • Removal of manager loss promote: Be control of the project and the guarantee
  • Trevor’s way to make the world a better place
    • Investing his time with his kids
  • Reach out to our guest – see links below
  • Final words


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