Essential Case Law Updates For Business Lawyers

On September 8, 2021, Attorney Trevor Crow presented a webinar on essential case law updates for business lawyers at the 2021 Annual Business Law Institute, sponsored by the Colorado Bar Association CLE.


Click here for a PDF of the detailed case law report that covers the following topics:


Page #         Topic Summary

Page 1:           Are LLC Membership Interests Securities?

Page 3:           Is a promissory a security under the Colorado Securities Act?

Page 5:           Paying an Employee’s earned but unused vacation pay upon separation under the Colorado Wage Claim Act (CWA).

Page 7:           Is a line of credit a negotiable instrument under Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)?

Page 8:           Is a decision by the board of a non-profit corporation membership association entitled to judicial review?

Page 10:         Fees and expenses for first-party claims pursuant to an LLC Agreement indemnification section.

Page 10:         Buyer breach of obligation to use reasonable best efforts to close an M&A transaction.

Page 10:         Removal of a board member in a tiered LLC structure.

Page 10:         Plaintiff’s ability to rebut the business judgment rule by challenging an interested fiduciary’s corporate dealings.


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